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"I have been a completely satisfied customer of Lakes Service for over ten years. Their level of customer service is unparalleled. Anytime I have needed service they have scheduled me immediately. The staff is very friendly and always greets me by name. If the appliance was able to be fixed, but was not a cost effective decision, they would call and tell me before making the repair, to give me the option of simply purchasing a new one rather than waste money on fixing the old. Lakes Service is a family owned, honest business that I highly recommend to anyone. They live in the community in which they work and support numerous local teams and charities. You cannot go wrong by selecting Lakes as your lifetime service company."

Jen H., Medford Lakes

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“I am very late with thanking Lakes Service for all you do for me.”

Eleanor S., Medford Lakes

“Bill was very efficient and did a great job. My dogs liked him too!”

Cynthia C., Haddonfield

“Very pleased with tech and service. Johnny was very professional, dryer is fixed and we're happy!”

Catherine S., Medford

"Thank you for going into the house and fixing my dryer when I wasn't home. I'm glad to be able to trust a local servicer!"

David B., Mt. Holly

"My warranty company tried to set up an appointment for me with three other companies. I said, 'Why don't you try Lakes Service, they are the best around!"

Joseph G., Medford Lakes

"My dishwasher works wonderful, Casey did a great job!"

Audrian Z., Southampton

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